PLAY BALL! Massapequa Baseball!

I guess you can call us a “Baseball Family”.  Born and raised in the Bronx, I have blue and white blood in my veins.  My grandfather was the biggest Yankee fan I know.  My father is obsessed with anything baseball related.  We grew up rooting for the Bombers and there is no doubt I am excited that baseball season is coming very quickly. 

My daughter has played softball since she was five years old.  Not because I am her mother, but this kid is REALLY good.  She was the first girl in the history of the Pelham Bay Little League to hit a homerun in tee ball.  It was late in the season, when the coaches started pitching to the kids, and she whacked the ball right on to the Hutchinson River Parkway.  I’ve enjoyed watching Juliana grow as a ballplayer.  She has enjoyed playing. 

I would never bash my hometown… I love Da Bronx.  But over the years, a lot has changed, including the interest in organized sports.  When we told Juliana we were moving to Long Island, one of the first things out of her mouth was “I can play softball on Long Island???”  We’ve seen many games out here and can see how talented these kids are, how competitive the sports are, how active the families get.  We are very excited to be part of the excitement!

This year, we are excited TIMES THREE!  We not only registered Juliana for ten year old softball at Massapequa International Little League, we also registered the TWINS for four year old baseball!  We attended our first meeting on Wednesday night and got to meet the board.  We were very impressed with how it was run and the info that was available.  Paul and I are looking forward to the upcoming season, which kicks off on April 13.  Paul will be coaching for Juliana’s team and managing the twins’ team.  I cannot wait to see my babies on the field!

This City Mama is now a Minivan Soccer Baseball Suburbian Mom!   BATTER UP!  We’re ready for Massapequa Baseball!



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  • like the baseball league think we need logos.. since we moved from the YO Nicky is on 2 teams this year…