The kids’ new schools… a month later!

All the kids are settled into their new schools.  Today marks a month since their first day as Massapequa students.  This Massapequa Mom has one in Elementary and three in Pre-School, and if I thought I was a busy mom before we moved,  that was certainly an understatement!

My daughter is in 5th Grade at McKenna.  The night before her first day last month, I think I was more nervous than she was.  After all, for ten years she lived in the Bronx, for the last six years she was in a Private Catholic school and there were 32 kids in the entire fifth grade.  She wore a uniform, rode the bus, and we basically knew EVERYONE.  When I picked her up on that first day after school and watched my little girl walk out with all these other children we never saw before, my heart stopped for a few seconds.  As she got closer, I gave her a thumbs up sign, hoping to get one back, and was immediately relieved when she threw up TWO thumbs and a huge grin appeared on her face.  A month later, my daughter has made many friends, loves school, is doing well and has not given us one morning of moaning and groaning to get out of bed and out the door. 

My twins are in Pre-K at Community Presbyterian of Massapequa.  In the Bronx, they were in the same class.  One of my twins (although he is not at home!) was very attached to his brother, and would always want to play with him at school, while the twin wanted to play with the other kids.  We decided to split them up after the move and this was something that worried me.  Anthony is doing very well!  He does not give me a hard time in the mornings and has made a lot of friends!  Louis is doing well also, and the two of them “argue” with each other about who has more fun and more friends and are really enjoying pre-k.

My little guy is in the Nursery Program at Community Presbyerian.  He goes three days a week.  Joseph is really doing well.  He asks me every morning if he is going to school that day, and if it is a Tuesday or Thursday, he frowns when I tell him no.  Joseph is enjoying his activities, his show and tell, and his artwork. 

Three of my four kids were already invited to birthday parties.  Juliana has had a Hoe Down (which I took the boys to and we really had fun watching her and her new friends square dance), a Companion Night (I was her companion and we learned about puberty – fun!), has plans for two field trips, a Science Olympiad (I was her partner and we really had a blast with the activities) and so much more.  Every week there is something else to do either extra curricular or with the family.  Such a great environment! 

This week, I will be visiting each of the boys’ classrooms as their Special Person Visitor.  I can’t wait to see the boys in their school environment and watch them in action! 

There is so much to do as a Massapequa Mom … good thing I have everything in my iPhone calendar!


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