Special Person Week at the Boys’ Schools

Last week at the boys’ preschool was Special Person Week.  I visited all three boys’ classrooms and had the honor of being their “Special Person”.  This was something very new to me as we didn’t do this in the kids’ Bronx schools.  I have to say, I spent many, many years in school, all the way through college.  I do not think I have EVER enjoyed a week in school as much as I did this past week.

special person weekOn Monday, I visited Joseph’s Nursery school class. I spent an hour with three-year olds. Joseph was a bit shy at first as it was his first day back to school after being out for a week with the flu. Once he got out of his shell, Mommy and JoeJoe made a Valentine craft, then we painted and worked on a portrait of a hibernating bear. Joseph shared his snack with Mommy and he introduced me to some of his new friends. So much fun!

On Wednesday, I visited Anthony’s Pre-School class. He showed me all around his classroom, introduced me to his friends, and we built Lego buildings with some of the other little boys. Anthony and I did a letter Q craft, making a queen with a paper plate, crown, yarn and stickers. Anthony told his teacher that he and his brothers are the princes of the family, his sister is the princess, Daddy is the King and Mommy is the Queen, so he wanted to be sure we used the same yarn color as my hair. I was very honored!

On Friday, I visited Louis’ Pre-School class. Louis was the weather forecaster of the day, and he forecasted snow and chilly weather. We then made a craft for Valentine’s day, where we made a Valentine bag for their party coming this week. Finally, the class went down to Social Hall (my kids rant and rave about their time in social hall), where I watched Louis and his friends ride toy cars and bikes, play in the playhouse and have a blast.

Watching my little boys in their classrooms, interacting with them and their teachers and friends, spending quality time with each of them individually was absolutely priceless. We never did anything like this in our old neighborhood. Too bad I cannot be Juliana’s Special Person for fifth grade, but we have already done quite a few mother/daughter activities such as “Companion Night”, the “Science Olympiad” and we got to visit her and watch her class perform their square dancing at the Hoe Down.

I am so happy for all of my children and how much they enjoy their new Long Island Schools!


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