My Structured Chaos… Tae Kwondo!

Last summer, when we were still meeting with architects and getting the plans laid for our move, our family enjoyed the Massapequa Park Street Fair.  It was there that I met many local business owners and groups such as the new European Wax owner Jennifer who was opening up her Massapequa store the following month, sisters Gina and Lia from Just a Little Something, and the manager and instructors from Ultimate Champions Tae Kwando in Maassapequa. 

The Tae Kwando studio was featuring a new student special of $10 for 5 classes and uniform.  Since my three boys were right at the start of their Power Rangers obsession, watching the instructors and students from the studio “perform” completely intrigued them.  My older daughter was very interested as well.  Naturally, we spent $40 and promised the kids after we moved in they could begin their classes.

Yesterday was the kids’ first Tae Kwando class.  After a very stressful day of running around after them, breaking up their arguments and pulling them down from any cabinet they could climb up or closet they could get into to find whatever their preschool minds thought they’d find, I was hesitant to take them because I was thinking that if I said they could only go when they could behave better at home (why do my kids behave everywhere but home???), they would listen.  My husband and I decided that the discipline and structure they would learn in the program could only help their interaction with each other and us at home, so off I went with all four kids to Juliana’s class followed by the boys’ class.

The instructors invited the boys into Juliana’s class as it was broken up into different age ranges and levels.  I could not contain my excitement as I watched even three year old Joseph follow all the directions, get a great workout and enjoy himself.  He looked like a little munchkin bowing and punching and kicking, smiling all the way.  Louis and Anthony were awesome too, although halfway through they both came over to me to tell me they were really tired (GOOD!  Express that energy!)  Juliana was a Tae Kwando princess, and I am sure she will excel quickly. 

Even though it was only our first class at Ultimate Champions, I am already very happy and I know the kids are too!  Last night, my aunt said that we now have “structured chaos”, and she is so correct!  I am hoping our teaching of discipline and respect and healthy behaviors is reinforced with Tae K This is going to be a fun ride!


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