Take Two! Demolition has FINALLY begun!

Hurricane Sandy took so much from so many people.  Over 100 people lost their lives in the tri-state area.  Thousands lost their homes and all of their belongings.  Tons lost their cars that were flooded.  The devastation was unbelievable.  Floods, fires, explosions, a gas crisis, lives forever changed.  Along the shore of Massapequa, our new town (along with so many other towns along the Northeast shoreline) have all begun to rebuild.

Through all the devastation, a silver lining has been seeing so many families and individuals coming together locally and nationally to help those in need.  We are so proud to be joining an amazing town with such strong people, and such compassionate and giving people.  We are truly leaving our “family” in Pelham Bay and joining a new “family” in Massapequa.

Our new home lost power for 6 days.  That pales in comparison to so many other families.  We are truly blessed.  Unfortunately, our demolition was postponed for two weeks due to the power outage and our contractor having to tend to some emergencies.  While we are two weeks behind, we know that it will all work out and we will enjoy our new home.

Here are some photos of the work that is going on this week.  We are VERY excited to see the progress!

Our kitchen area is gutted!






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