This week’s updates on our move!

This has been a very quiet week, well, from the moving to Long Island standpoint!  It is NEVER a quiet week in OUR household!  That is not to say it was not a very productive week!!!

I am happy to say that our permit applications have been filed!  We are now officially on our way to beginning our renovations and move to Massapequa Park!  My husband met with the plumber last Saturday, we met with the contractor this week, the architect completed all necessary paperwork and it is now up to the Incorporated Village of Massapequa Park to approve our plans so we can begin work!

On another front, we have completed the kitchen design and I must say I cannot wait to cook in my new kitchen!  Want to see what we are hoping to do?  I thought you would…  Here goes!  I am so proud of my DIY design (I have shared my plans with our contractor who will be putting this all together!)

Using the Lowe's Designer Application!

I’m thinking of going with a local (back in the Bronx) shop for our cabinets (Pelham Bay Home Center) that our contractor highly recommends, and appliances from Frigidaire.  My good friend Kathleen calls her refrigerator “The Bahamas Refrigerator” (I’m guessing because it cost her as much as a trip to the Bahamas would!), and I gotta say, I want her fridge!  It is a French Door style refrigerator with a ton of space and an ice maker, water dispenser and is oh so awesome!  Off to PC Richards and Sears to price mine!

That is pretty much all the updates this week on our move! Our family is spending the week at the Feast of St. Theresa (back in the Bronx!), which our family has been working for the last 16 years. The kids are having a blast (as usual) and Mommy is exhausted (as usual), but it only comes around once a year and it’s all fun!  Speaking of feasts, last weekend, we attended the St. Rose of Lima Family Festival in Massapequa.  We have attended Mass there a bunch of times and have been very happy with everything we have seen from the parish.  I intend to register as a parishioner at St. Rose.  I guess that means next year we will be volunteering at their family festival!  Here is a pic of the kids on one of the rides:



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